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Big Data & Technology

Topic: Learned Intuition

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on global business trends including blockchain, ‘big data’ and the social media revolution.  He has authored four business books about marketing including the award-winning “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” (2011, Wiley) and is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV.  The blockchain protocol is the technology underlying Bitcoin and is essentially a trust algorithm for financial transactions.  It’s a distributed public ledger which records every single transaction in hundreds or even thousands of nodes across the network, making the data impossible to hack and impervious to fraudulent tampering.  Patrick has covered business and technology trends at conferences around the world.

Past clients include:

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the financial world, disrupting banks, insurance companies, investment brokers and real estate professionals among many others. This is disruptive innovation at its finest. Meanwhile, the term is little understood by business professionals and government officials. Patrick has a dynamic and insightful presentation explaining blockchain protocol and providing case histories of how businesses and governments are developing the technology in today’s economy. Blockchain is currently where the Internet was in 1994. We are laying the groundwork. But in short order, we will reach critical mass and the technology will begin propogating in countless different applications.

The problem with blockchain speakers is that they are either expensive or boring, or both. They are extremely intelligent people, many with PhDs in software engineering or data science, but they aren’t dynamic speakers. Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a professional speaker and earns over 90% of his income in speaking fees. He builds his presentations on case histories, maximizing relevance for attendees. He is well known for explaining complicated subjects in simple language, making his programs energizing and empowering for attendees. Book Patrick to deliver his “Demystifying Blockchain” keynote program at your upcoming event.

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not affiliated with any country or government. And despite every single transaction being recorded in the blockchain, it is also a very secure and encrypted method of payment, allowing users to remain anonymous throughout the process. The jury is out on whether bitcoin will survive these early years of cryptocurrency but the blockchain protocol is here to stay. The distributed public ledger has almost infinite applications to record transactions of value with no intermediary and virtually no costs. From expats sending money home to real estate transactions, and from financial institutions to democratic voting, blockchain has the potential to truly revolutionize our world.